Lifestyle Clean-Up Program

Get Your Group or Organization Healthier Now!

Does your team or organization need help with getting healthier and more productive? Are you struggling with finding a comprehensive employee wellness program?  Lifestyle Clean-Up is perfect for groups of any size, anywhere! With this simple, yet innovative habit change program, your team will learn and implement 13 habits promoting good health.  The best part?  You work together as a team!

Here’s how it works:

With help from Lifestyle Clean-Up developer Shana Hussin, RD, your group will focus on adapting one healthy habit every 28 days.  This is accomplished with video messages, weekly emails and dinner meal plans, tracking sheets and more. Enter in new, healthy habits! Peer-to-peer competition and an online message forum provide additional accountability.  Adapting many small habits over time will lead to the healthy lifestyle your group desires and deserves!

Who Does It Work For?

Any group or organization wanting to promote good health with group support!  Lifestyle Clean-Up works especially well for:

  • Companies- Large or Small!
  • Health Clubs 
  • Church Congregations
  • School Districts 
  • Groups of Family and Friends

Get your group healthier now- one meal, one habit at a time! 

Please e-mail Shana Hussin, RD at for more information, or call 920-450-7119.



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